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For those who are looking for larger quantities of firewood we deliver firewood loose, but stored and measured by crate size. 


Crates are 1 x 1 x 1.2 meter in size.

PLEASE NOTE:  All wood is delivered loose.  Crates are purely to give you an indication of the amount of wood we will deliver.

Wood delivered will be of mixed species farmed from sustainable woodland.

Wood provided can be seasoned or kiln-dried.

Seasoned Wood Crates:                              

- 1  crate     £110.00                                    

- 2 crates    £205.00                                   

- 3 crates    £290.00                                   

- 4 crates    £385.00                                    

Larger loads are available upon request.

We aim to sell all wood below 20% moisture for seasoned wood and between 10 and 15% for kiln-dried wood.

Seasoned Crate of Firewood

  • Our logs are mixed species farmed from sustainable woodland, the firewood is seasoned and split providing you with a clean burn and maximum heat output.

    ​Barrow Bags are a handy size for those who use firewood on occasion in a wood burner or fire place.

    ​Wood provided can be seasoned or kiln-dried.

    ​Each bag of seasoned or kiln-dried wood costs £50.00 which includes a £2.50 bag deposit.

  • We aim to delivery within 1 to 2 weeks from purchase.  During very busy periods, it may be a little longer. 

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